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EDUCIMS is an Online School Management system that is thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of educational institutions in Namibia and beyond.

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Discover our user-friendly system packed with 250+ Features
| Online Applications | Admission & Registrations | Assessments | Attendance | Invoicing | Asset Management | User Management |Payroll | Finance


Perfect for all school types, accommodating grades from Pre-School to Grade 1 through 12 classes.


Explore our tailored Tutorial schools system designed for students paying monthly per registered subject.


Ideal for higher education institutions like health training institutes, vocational Training centres, colleges and universities.

System Key Features

The standout features of our system comprise of

Automated Reports

Access a comprehensive and robust reporting tool tailored for your institution. Generate various reports on students, fees, transactions, attendance, exams and employees effortlessly.

Key reports include
  • Applications
  • Admissions
  • Registrations
  • Assessments
  • Student Fees
  • Leave and Payroll
  • Attendance Report
  • Teachers' Grade Book
  • Financial Transactions

Online Applications

Revolutionize your institution's enrollment process with our cutting-edge online application feature. Streamline admissions, simplify documentation, and empower prospective students to apply conveniently from anywhere.

HR & Payroll

Control user access within the system by assigning roles that dictate their actions and privileges, ensuring tailored access for each user to relevant targets and actions - ensuring a suitable role for every user.

Student Portal

Empower students to access resources, track progress, and engage seamlessly - all in one convenient hub.

Easy Customization

Easy to personalize the system to fit your needs with customizable features, putting control in your hands for tailored solutions.

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New Feature Alert


A newly developed feature designed specifically for Health Training Institutions in Namibia. This system adheres to the rules and regulations set by the Health Professions Council of Namibia (HPCN), ensuring compliance.

  • Health Council Required Hours

    The system automates the calculation of students' required hours per subject, ensuring eligibility for various examinations in accordance with the Health Council's standards.

  • CA & Exam Marks Calculations

    Establish distinct calculation criteria for each subject, both Continuous Assessment (CA) marks and diverse exam types like normal, special, and supplementary examinations.

How it Works

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Our Clients list

Honored to collaborate with these visionary leaders

Our client roster tells our story. From kindergartens to higher education institutions, we've been there from the start. Join our family today!

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    Atlantic Training Institute
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    I-Care Health Institute
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    D Expert Health Care Institute
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    Elite Tutorials College
  • integration
    Global Vocational Centre
  • integration
    Adex Training Institute
  • integration
    Alba Chipamba Academy
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    Essence Healthcare
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    Marco Mpollo Vocational
  • integration
    Masha Training College
  • integration
    Ongha Vocational Centre
  • integration
    Oshikuku Private School
  • integration
    PMT Health Institution
  • integration
    Symanek Academy
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    TNAP Private School
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    Precision Academy
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    HS Tutorials College
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    Platonic Academy
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    Kid Zone Academy
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    Tech Focus Academy
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